"Do something today that your future self will

thank you for!"


What is The Train Station?

Inside our walls you will not find a bland warehouse of machines.  Instead you will find the tools and knowledge to build your body in to a strong and healthy machine that will be with you for the rest of your life.


Our programs focus on more than just exercise because we understand that is just one part of the journey.  We teach you to eat the right foods and maintain an eating plan that is sustainable long term, and yes that includes some minor cheat foods as well.


It is about finding what works, a bespoke program tailored for you broken down into easy to follow steps and yes life usually gets in the way and that's okay – our programs take that into consideration.


You don’t need a six pack of abs to be happy, but it sure helps.  When you make a choice to be better, to be Healthy everything changes. Work Life, Home Life, Life – Life!


Get in touch for a free session and we will show you how to build a strong and healthy machine – it’s what we do!


Here’s to Healthy, Let’s be honest - being Healthy is Happiness!

What do we do..?


1 on 1 Customized Training Programs 


Boot camps are an alternate form of 1 on 1 training with the added benefit of motivation from friends and or loved ones. 


These programs are tailored to increase overall athletic ability and performance, designed so that you can compete at the professional level.


Who Am I ..?

Brian Vella

With over 20 years of Fitness & Athletic training experience, Brian brings a unique specialization of strength and muscular endurance concepts that will drastically change your overall health and fitness for the better.

These concepts will improve your Core Strength, Joint Stabilization, and overall Muscular Endurance.

Brian's in-depth knowledge of anatomical & musculoskeletal movements produces a precise program focused on strength and stability in all planes of movement.

Training at The Train Station with Brian will improve your overall body composition and enable you to breed extreme confidence to conquer any mental and or physical obstacles in everyday life.

Image by Alora Griffiths

Ready for Change..?

Get in touch for a free training session!

Nothing feels as good as being FIT feels.

The Train Station

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